Therapy Specialists: Expert insights that bring results

Therapy Specialists takes a consultative approach in order to develop the best solutions for customers and their patients. We look at each facility and scenario as a blank slate, using our expertise and experience to assess the core needs and determine what must be done to meet those needs.

We review everything, identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and provide actionable insights to guide our customers into becoming highly recognized, respected rehab facilities.

Is there adequate space that’s conducive for therapy sessions? What are the predominant needs of the patient population? How can we best connect with patients to encourage them to incorporate rehab in their care regimen? What are potential compliance issues? What policies and procedures must be established?

These are just a few of the questions we might ask—and answer—as part of our consultation.

We also guide our partners to comply with HIPAA and meet requirements of accountable care organizations (ACOs), the Affordable Care Act (ACA), managed care, etc. to ensure compliance is achieved and reimbursements are not interrupted. With our highly specific expertise, we work beside our partners so they can face challenges of bundled payments, dual eligibility and more with confidence…and success.

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