Senior Rehab and Wellness:
Enhancing Quality of Life, Empowering Independence


When you or a loved one has experienced an injury, a health challenge or an aging challenge that limits independence, it’s all about getting back to enjoying life as quickly as possible. Yet it’s vitally important to learn the skills and build the strength needed to regain and improve physical abilities.

Our therapy programs include evidence-based and patient-centered care that supports active lifestyles. We are absolutely dedicated to helping you or your loved one:

  • Regain quality of life
  • Maintain current lifestyle
  • Empower independence

You can be confident that as a family owned company, we will provide the highest quality, compassionate and respectful care. We provide Senior rehab services at dozens of partner locations throughout California and at three San Diego outpatient clinics, as well as home health services.

Our evidence-based, outcomes-driven services include:

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Getting You Back to Your Life and The People You Love

With nearly 40 years of experience providing therapy services to individuals recovering from surgery, illness or injury, we are experts in providing continuity of care across the continuum, from inpatient services at skilled nursing facilities, outpatient services at independent and assisted living communities and home health therapy services. You and your family will appreciate the ability to work with the same team of committed, experienced therapists throughout your care, which allows for improved outcomes and greater patient / client satisfaction.

We’ll work with you to develop:

  • A Personalized Rehab Plan to Achieve Your Goals: Based on your desired lifestyle and your current abilities.
  • Family Support and Education: Family / caregiver meetings, to share your progress, answer questions and provide coaching on how they can support your success.
  • A Safe and Comfortable Home Environment: Working with your family / caregiver, we assess your living environment, then provide recommendations to ensure your safety and comfort.
  • The Ability to Live The Lifestyle You Love Longer: After your rehab is complete, we continue to support your success with a post-therapy plan, including a home exercise program and strategies to help sustain gains made during therapy.