Success Stories:
Our Partners Share Their Successes with Therapy Specialists

“I have worked with Therapy Specialists since March 15, 2012 here at Atherton Baptist Homes and for many years prior at Redwood Terrace in Escondido, California. Therapy Specialists has ably provided rehabilitative services at both locations, providing inpatient and outpatient care. They have treated employees at the Alhambra location for Workers’ Compensation issues, as well as performing physical assessments for new employees.
I continue to appreciate Therapy Specialists for their professional manner and clinical expertise. Therapy Specialists continues to provide state-of-the-art therapy care within the confines of State and Federal regulations and has increased revenue.
I highly recommend Therapy Specialists to anyone who needs improvement in rehabilitative services.”

Don  S., Director of Operations | Atherton Baptist Homes

“Therapy Specialists has been a partner with Redwood Terrace for over eight years. They provide a variety of therapy services to our residents, including physical, occupational and speech. They have also done special seminars and workshops on balance, vision and a variety of topics of interest to our seniors. Therapy Specialists is very much a part of our team here at Redwood, as they attend daily and weekly meetings, and interface and work closely with our team members to provide high quality care for our residents. They have been a great partner to us and we enjoy our close working relationship.”

Sophia L., Executive Director | Redwood Terrace

“I have had the opportunity to work with many different individuals employed by Therapy Specialists, including administration, management and physical, occupational and speech therapists. Our three-year business relationship began when Paradise Valley Estates’ administration selected Therapy Specialists as the therapy provider to those individuals we serve.

The services provided by employees of Therapy Specialists have been above satisfactory. There is excellent communication between members of both teams, including “front-line” employees, management and administration. Therapy Specialists’ employees are active and engaged in knowing and understanding our culture and the people we serve. In addition, our therapy services have grown under their leadership and coverage.”

Mark A., Director of Operations and Health Services | Paradise Valley Estates

“Therapy Specialists has been my therapy provider since August 1, 2011. Prior to that they provided Therapy Management Services to Meadowood Health and Rehabilitation Center. Therapy Specialists has always been very responsive to my needs and concerns. We have developed a great partnership over the years and have been successful in maintaining a strong working relationship. They provide inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as working with independent and assisted living residents living on my campus. I am very satisfied with Therapy Specialists.”

Cathy O., Administrator | Meadowood Health and Rehabilitation Center

“We recently received a denial for a patient we provided services for three years ago. Once I received the denial, I immediately made our Director of Rehab and the Regional VP at Therapy Specialists aware of the situation. I relied completely on their expertise to help me manage the appeals process. Therapy Specialists has been an excellent partner for us by providing quality therapy and helping us manage our risk.”

Carolyn H., Owner | Kearny Mesa Convalescent Home

“Therapy Specialists has proved to be exceptional partners in working with us to achieve our revenue goals as well as positive patient outcomes. They helped us redesign our therapy room and have consistently provided support in our marketing efforts.

They are responsive to issues and supervision of their team is exceptional. They also have a high caliber of professionalism with their personnel. They have provided training both on and off site to nursing and administrative staff, as well as updates on new regulations that impact services. All of these have been included in their service to our residents and positive relationships with our staff.”

Sue F., VP of Health Services | Pilgrim Place