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When Susan J. Harris, OTR/L, founded Therapy Specialists in 1976 (get the full story here), she set out to do more than provide rehab services to patients. She backed her services with administrative support, including on site billing—a pretty revolutionary approach at the time. Today, our company is still leading the revolution, guiding customers to success through the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

Each aspect of our company structure adds up to our “Partnership Plus” approach. We provide customized, evidence-based, outcome-driven rehabilitation services.

Foundational Advantages

Therapy Specialists’ experience and expertise offer notable advantages that for our partners. Our company is

  • Founded by a licensed therapist and privately owned
  • Family-oriented
  • Interdisciplinary in approach
  • Committed to superior patient care
  • Recognized as a “great place to work” and
  • Focused on customers’ bottom lines.

Organizational Structure

Our leadership team is focused on helping our partners achieve success through rehab services. That’s why they meet face to face with customers regularly, so that we can offer comprehensive, customized support to ensure quality care, compliance, program management and profitability.

President:  Meets face-to-face annually with customers

Regional Vice President: Partners with Director of Rehabilitation and Area Manager to consistently “inspect what we expect”

Director of Rehabilitation: Oversees rehab program management, customer satisfaction, compliance, and team training, including leading monthly meetings to gauge progress

Area Manager: Works in concert with and support of Director of Rehabilitation, providing daily support and ongoing tracking and reporting Strategies for Managing and Maximizing Rehab Programs

Therapy Specialists has the knowledge, resources and people power to take rehab programs above and beyond, maximizing them for greater results.

We tailor clinically appropriate programs to address all levels of care for specific patient populations (SNF, IL/AL, multi-level retirement community) and work closely with partners to integrate those programs into facilities’ cultures. This approach enhances reimbursement potential and provides effective, quality care that builds positive reputation.

We focus on outcomes to measure success of our programs. With patient care as our first priority, we continuously develop programs based on patient improvement and satisfaction, as well as factors such as utilization, clinical appropriateness, and management of costs. This ensures our programs are constantly improving to maximize results.

Collaborative Marketing

We put our resources behind coordinated promotional campaigns and communications focused on growing patient participation in rehab and supporting census growth. We help our partners increase their profiles and build positive reputations with potential rehab patients.

Expert Billing and Administrative Management

We’re hands-on experts. Our customers rely on us to manage Prospective Payment Systems (PPS) and Minimum Data Set (MDS) reimbursements, hospital readmissions, MAC/RAC audits, as well as requirements for healthcare reform and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

We use CASAMBA Rehabilitation documentation and billing software to make sure Resource Utilization Group (RUG) levels are achieved. With this technology, we are able to access pertinent data 24/7, providing qualitative, actionable insights to our customers that help guide program development and tactics for implementation.

Risk Management 

We believe trust is a core component of any partnership, and that’s why we play such a pivotal role in risk management for our customers. We provide meticulous documentation, conduct audits, address issues of compliance, and are actively involved in claims submissions, including denial management and appeals. We share in the risk with our partners, ensuring we’re committed to program success in the short and long-term.

Consultative Approach 

Therapy Specialists helps partners navigate the constantly changing landscape of the healthcare industry. Click here to learn how we help facilities create exceptional programs, establish policies and procedures, achieve compliance—and thrive in the era of HIPAA, healthcare reform, ACOs, bundled payments and more.

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