Wellness and Prevention:


STRIVE! is a unique, in-house outpatient therapy program for seniors who reside in independent and assisted living communities or at their family home. Our program is designed to reduce the amount of patient attrition to higher care levels.

STRIVE! features focused interventions specifically tailored for independent and assisted living residents. This program is centered around wellness and prevention, and is designed to help seniors: Achieve and maintain their highest level of function and maintain independence levels as long as possible. STRIVE! accomplishes these goals by proactively identifying any decline in the residents of your independent or assisted living community.

Any needs identified in a resident status meeting will generate an action plan by the appropriate department, which may include: Nursing, Social Services, The Activities Department and Therapy. Any referrals to therapy will solely occur from the recommendations of the needs identified by the members of your resident status meeting.


Features of STRIVE! include:

  • Wellness screens
  • Monthly wellness lectures
  • Specialty clinics
  • Specialty programs
  • Monthly articles
  • Marketing assistance within the community
  • Along with lecture topics and specialized programs which include: Balance and Fall Prevention, Home Safety, Low Vision, Memory Enhancement, Pain Management, Continence, Specialized Dining, Self-care strategies and Safe Driving.

To find out more, please contact our Director of Partnerships, Keith Carson at 619.743.9093 or click here to send him an email.